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About the Russell Hobbs brand of electric kettles

The Russell Hobbs brand gets its name from the two inventors of the electric tea kettle, Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs. Russell Hobbs also invented the world's first automatic coffee pot. More recently, Russell Hobbs developed the OPTEC DISC heating element, which heats water much faster than traditional elements. Russell Hobbs' most recent innovations have been their Thermocolour irons (UK) and kettles (UK) that change color as their temperature changes.

You can enjoy the quality of Russell Hobbs counter top appliances in your home for years. Shop our US electric kettles, or our UK visitors can shop the UK kettles. We also have parts and service for our US customers, including replacement power cords for your electric kettle.

Russell Hobbs UK You can find spares in the UK at: Russell Hobbs UK Spares.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail to our service department or by calling 1-888-HOBBS-20 during our regular operating hours.

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